10 Moor


Come with me sweet darlin'

I’ll give you sweets and ev’rythin'

Trust me it will be nice and cool


Don’t follow him, don’t be a fool


Little corpses flood

Through his moor

Of pain and blood


Uncle I feel insecure

I don’t want this any more


Innocent lives, innocent souls

Mistreated, raped and thrown away

Corrupted lives, corrupted souls

Perverted persons that went astray


Let go of me … father!

Please help me … mother!

I'm tellin' no lies

A monster is buryin' me alive

Into his swamp he's draggin' me

Please hear my desperate plea …


Fatal truth: the alder

King is on the hunt

Next doors nightmare

No monster under your bed


De-Code the vicious game

De-Stroy the nightmare

De-Code the vicious game

De-Stroy the nightmare


Damaged bodies, injured minds

A dreadful deal, who pays the price?

Stolen childhood, lost belief

Who will penalize the thief?