08 Rainfall


The party of extremes on the rise

They kill for their ideals, they sacrifice

Oh it's so sad that they can't see

The beauty of diversity


The rain keeps fallin' down

It has no preference

If your suitable or not

No benchmark no discrimination

No separation

Yeah rain keeps fallin' down


You are nothin'

Your people are ev'rythin'

Forget your intuition

Swear the oath of perdition

A soldier can die

The traitor has to die

Ihr werdet zerstampft

Denn dies ist “Mein Kampf”


In Holy War they do believe

The naked death is what they receive

No dozen of virgins, no paradise

Just hell on earth and perfidious lies


But rain keeps fallin' down


This System of totality

Is fed by sheer brutality

Power their real goal

Fancy Slogans obscure the whole

They Contaminate your mind

Make you deaf, dumb and blind

Mercy you'll never find


The fall of mankind


Once we took this pill

We loose our own free will

No chance to get away

Either die or obey

Run for your live

The strongest shall survive

Once they have us topped

They can not be stopped


Stooop! Stooop! Stooop!