05 Next Level Racism


Narrow minded ridin' the gravy train

Cold as ice walkin' boulevards of desire

Dressed in their custom made suits

With glenched teeth shinin' brightly

Through their smiles


Stop your war

And save the



Aggressive nature behind a friendly voice

Wonderful people with suitable ties

Never woke up with any sorrow or pain

Growin' social disorder

Ignored with a smile


Stop your war

And save the



Stop your war

And save the



Forsaken, forsaken, save the forsaken


Let down the fallen

The forgotten and lost

Those never heard loonies

From today and the past

Never had time

For their feelings and thoughts


Walk in my shoes

Feel what I feel – man

Feel my anger

I've done all I can

Now I'm down

But we're growing fast

Rage inside me

Will hurt you at last




This is Next Level Racism




This is Racism