Who is DüsterLust

“Where Nightwish has an end, DüsterLust begins! Mainly female, soprano vocals with part-time grinding together with fine, dark Metal – very eeeeevil! Great Debut Album! Waiting for more!!!” – Quote Frank Kindermann (Muckebude, Hannover)


The unique “DüsterSound” can not be reduced to a certain kind of Metal, it is influenced by many different metal styles and other music genres. Symphonic Metal, Progressive Metal, Death Metal, Power Metal, Gothic Rock, Neue Deutsche Härte … these are only a few of the categories in which the distinctive sound of this extraordinary band can not really be classified. DüsterLust simply make the music they would like to hear themselves, attack their listeners again and again with new elements, take them on a fantastic journey through the abysses of mankind and entangle them in an unforgettable adventure, which challenges and surprises at the same time.


In 2010, Heiko and Philip Seibert launched this ambitious band-project. Since then they searched for suitable companions and found one in January 2014, when the lyric soprano Regina Beatrix Rumpel answered their eBay-classified. Now they could implement their musical ideas and record the first album “Unveil The Beauty” that was released in December 2014.


A short time later the band had to withdraw their album from sale and to take down their whole internet-presence due to a naming conflict. In October 2015 the Germans from the myth-enshrouded Odenwald came out of the crisis stronger than before with their powerful new name “DüsterLust” and introduced forthwith a new band member, their second guitarist Michél Greul.


Now it went on very fast. Since February 2016 DüsterLust are signed with the label FemMeropa which re-released the album worldwide digitally under the title “Düster Lust” only two month later. In September 2016 the self-titled debut was also released physically as digipak with an attractive artwork from Starfountain-Design and three exclusive bonus-tracks.


In May 2016 DüsterLust made their live-debut and already delivered some excellent shows German-wide since then. Through their musical skills and their post-apocalyptic stage presence, they are extremely compelling not only on CD but also live.


At the moment DüsterLust are working on an EP, which will again provide some surprises.


Michél Greul: Guitar, Screaming

Regina Beatrix Rumpel: Lyric Soprano

Heiko Seibert: Guitar, Bass

Philip Seibert: Drums, Keys, Growling


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