DüsterLust from the myth-enshrouded Odenwald present diversified and unique “DüsterMetal”. With their very own sound and their post-apocalyptic stage presence they take their listeners on a fantastic journey through the abysses of mankind, which challenges and surprises at the same time. Female voice power, dark growls, daredevil guitars and an animal on the drums make the "DüsterShow" an unforgettable adventure!


Already in 2010 Heiko and Philip Seibert launched this ambitious band project. In January 2014 they were finally completed by the lyrical soprano Regina Beatrix Rumpel, with whom they could implement their diverse musical ideas and record the first album “Unveil The Beauty”, which was released in December 2014.


A short time later the band had to withdraw their album from sale and to take down their whole internet-presence due to a naming conflict. In October 2015 the Germans came out of the crisis stronger than before with their powerful new name “DüsterLust” and introduced forthwith a new band member, their second guitarist Michél Greul.


Now it went on rapidly. The label FemMeropa signed the band and released in 2016 a re-release of the first album titled “Düster Lust” with three exclusive bonus tracks on the physical version. Also in 2016 DüsterLust successfully passed their live debut and convinced since then in numerous performances throughout Germany with their musical skills.


In autumn 2017 the band ended their collaboration with the label FemMeropa and their guitarist Michél Greul announced his withdrawal.


One year later the remaining three opened a Maiden United concert and presented there for the first time an entire acoustic set.



On October 20th 2018 DüsterLust released their new EP "At The End Of Time". All songs of this apocalyptic vision deal with the end of the world as we know it.

Band photography by Torsten Reitz 2018

Philip Seibert:


Drums, Keys, Growling

Regina Beatrix Rumpel:


Lyric Soprano

Heiko Seibert:


Guitar, Bass


Former Members: Michél Greul - Guitar, Screaming

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